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Tear Through is a co-op tactical shooter for PC and Mac, inspired by Sierra's SWAT 4, with arcade-style accessibility. It is being developed by Walk with Kings, a two person team in Melbourne, Australia. The game is still in early stages, so expect to see some subject-to-change work-in-progress.

We'd also love to hear any feedback you have, so please feel free to get in touch. Positive or (constructively) negative, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Criticism, praise or Game of the Year awards, it's all valuable to us!

Tear Through Screenshot
Tear Through Screenshot

Special Weapons and Tactics

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    Utilise an array of gadgets and equipment to infiltrate each level. From picking locks and smashing windows, to peering under doors and destroying entire walls.

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    Play either lethally or non-lethally. Shout down your targets to apprehend them, or shoot them on sight. There will be a range of non-lethal gadgets, weapons and traps to help you safely detain enemies and civilians alike.

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    Be quiet. Watch your footsteps. Watch your entries. Watch your enemy's field of view. Sneak around the level without raising the alarm, or go in guns blazing.

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    When it comes to weapons, you will be spoiled for choice. Tear Through's arsenal will range from the usual tactical fare to arguably-crazy experimental technology. Your enemies don't have much health, but neither do you.

Tear Through Screenshot
Tear Through Screenshot

What's Your Emergency?

Levels will be scenario based. Tasking the co-op team (or individual) to handle an array of different objectives. These include hostage rescue, bomb defusal, raiding criminal nests, serving warrants, security detail and just being an all-round awesome SWAT officer.

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Enemies will react to your shouts. They might give up, retreat or even open fire. Try to sneak around the level and subdue enemies silently, or have a friend cover your six and aggressively clear the area room by room. Play with your ideal mix of tactics, aggression and life preservation.

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Play by yourself, or online with up to 3 other players. Levels are designed to work for 1 - 4 people, and everything is able to be unlocked or achieved in cooperative play. Start Tear Through with some friends, and finish it with them as well. Or play it by yourself and enjoy it just as much.

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Tear Through's levels are completely destructible. Shoot or blow through walls, kick down doors, smash windows and destroy furniture. The level is your really fragile oyster. (The GIF of that pistol is a test, and will not actually be capable of firing 300 rounds a minute.)

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Preview

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